Daily DIY Features By Andy Meadows

This week we began including a daily DIY Feature with our Solo Show Prep and we’d love your feedback on them. The features include graphics for posting on station websites after a shift and some of them also include audio clips or beds. Our hope is that it will give on air personalities another turnkey, promotable and sellable feature for their daily airshifts. 

Here are the five daily DIY, Do it Yourself, features: 

Monday: Name That Movie Mondays, a guess that movie segment that can be carried over for three segments. We provide a hard clue that goes with a 3 second clip of the movie for the first segment, a slightly easier clue and 6 second clip for the second segment and an easy clue with a 12 second clip for the third segment. The included graphic features a blurry picture from the movie that’s hard to make out. 

Tuesday: Knockout Trivia, a trivia game that’s meant to be hard to win so it can be linked to a sizeable prize. The on-air personality asks one general knowledge trivia question on air and when a listener calls in and gets it right the clock starts and they have twenty seconds to answer three more questions to win. If no winner emerges, they can play the loser audio and ask a second general question with a second round of follow up questions. 

Wednesday: What in the World Wednesday, is a riddle clue game that can be about a place, person or thing. It’s kind of similar to the board game Smart Ass, but with only three clues spread over three segments that get easier with each clue. 

Thursday: Throwback Thursday Name That Year, the DJ mentions a few key events from a specific year and plays an audio clip clue we provide along with a second set of clues for an additional break if there’s no winner yet. We also include a graphic that incorporates pics related to those events for a web post. 

Friday: Fast Five Fridays,This game is meant to sound like it’s easy with broad, mass appeal topics. However, like a carnival game it’s not as simple as it sounds because you have to name five things associated with that topic in 5 seconds. For instance, if the topic mentioned on air was Football, when the listener calls the on-air personality would ask them to name 5 NFL QBs who have won more than one Super Bowl, but they only have five seconds. The graphic features a pic related to that Friday’s topic. 

If you’d like to see some more examples of the graphics, audio or content related to these DIY Features, email me at andy@radiostationconsultant.com. Also, send us your feedback on these features and any other suggestions for things we could include that would help personalities create compelling content on a daily basis. Click here to sign up for Solo Show Prep for just $40 per month or click here to see examples of past prep and sign up for a free two week trial.

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