Your Station's Engagement Score By Andy Meadows

Terrestrial radio’s biggest advantage over digital competitors like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music Radio and others is our ability to engage with our listeners on a daily basis. Those consistent calls to action throughout the day with contesting, phone topics and teasing cross-platform content are the secret weapons for how market-leading stations turn passive listeners into loyal, active listeners. So, how well are your stations engaging and interacting with listeners? Rate yourself below to find out your station’s engagement score. 

(On a scale of 1 to 10)  

Rate the consistency and quality of your morning show contesting?  

Rate the consistency and quality of your contesting in other day parts?  

How well does your on-air talent engage listeners with phone topic breaks?  

How would you rate your on-air talents ability to drive traffic to your website?  

How would you rate your staff’s ability to respond listener comments on your website? 

How would you rate your on-air talents efforts to interact with and respond to listeners on social, your station app and/or yappa

How well does your station do as a whole at engaging with listeners on social? 

Rate the effectiveness of your imaging at driving listeners to engage with the station in any way?  

Prior to Covid, rate the engagement at your station remotes? 

Prior to Covid, rate the engagement at your station events?  

If you scored an 85 or above congratulations, you are well ahead of most terrestrial radio stations! If your station scored 70 or above, good work, but hopefully you’ve identified some areas to focus on improving. Don’t be depressed if you scored less than that, there are now more ways than ever to interact and engage with listeners and we’d be happy to share some of the tools we’ve seen work elsewhere.  

When you have the time, try taking the same test for some of the other stations in your market to see how you stack up. If you’d like, leave a comment below or email me at to have me tune in and give you an unbiased, outside opinion on your station’s engagement score.  

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