Create Your Own Social Teaser Videos By Andy Meadows

Social media platforms offer stations a great way to set daily listening appointments and drive new cume. If our on-air personalities can incorporate digital into their prep process, they can do their part to use each platform to drive traffic to the other. But, how can station managers give their staff the tools to create high-quality digital content that will grab the attention of potential new listeners and interest new advertisers? One simple way is to create some short, social media teasers for things they’re already doing. These teasers can promote upcoming contents, music, on-air features, and virtually anything a listener might find compelling. Basically, they are short five to nine second videos that feature a sleek design, pictures, logos and text with some motion to catch people’s eye. 

We create several of these each week for our consulting clients that we schedule daily to supplement their local content. We also recently started including those for free in our video bundles, lumped in with the more elaborate video content we originate. However, if you’d like to create them on your own, here are a few online sites that are easy to learn and include multiple templates. All of them range from $200 per year to $588 per year and come with free trials so you can try them out. The website many have used to create banners online for years, now allows you to create videos as well. Easily customize templates and use stock footage and pics to create short video ads with motion graphics to use on social media and the web. Or sign up for their Onstage-online video maker to do even more. Bannersnack is about $200 per year, the additional online video maker adds another $200. A simple video editor that includes stock footage, royalty free music and copy to create motion ads. They boast twelve million stock videos you can use along with thousands of royalty free music selections. A Vimeo company that helps you create engaging videos in minutes. Includes templates, stock footage, commercially licensed music and allows you to embed the video directly on any website or export to creator studio in Facebook. Plans range from $120 per year to $420 per year. Create unlimited branded videos. Team plans allow you up to 3 users, plus you get a 30 minute consultation with a video expert. That plan is a little pricey though, $588/year, but there is a $396 plan as well. Both come with licensed music tracks. 

If you’d like to see some of the examples of social teasers and other video content we create for our clients, click here. Have questions? Email me at or comment below. Pic designed by natanelginting for

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