Making Digital Part of the Prep Process By Andy Meadows

Adding digital responsibilities on top of everything else an on-air personality handles on a daily basis can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Incorporating digital into the prep process will not only make it more manageable, it will help personalities think of how and when to use which digital platform ahead of time. 

This will help them take advantage of the three main ways to use social media to help their shows:

1) Pre-promotion to set an appointment and drive listening 

2) During the show to drive instant listening 

3) After the show to get more mileage out of good on-air content 

Plus, it will reinforce the importance of good teases, single topic breaks and outs. 

Click here or go to the download tab to download the weekly and daily show planners for free. 

Here’s the code for the digital boxes: 

WB = Website 

FB = Facebook 

TW = Twitter 

IG = Instagram 

SC = Snapchat 

TT = Tiktok 

The idea is that the personality would jot down a note in the weekly planner about the main content for that segment, then put one of these codes under the digital box to denote which platform they’ll use to pre-promote (P), promote during their show (D), and after the show (A). Then the day of they’d jump to the daily planner and add a tease and a potential out. 

I’m not suggesting that a personality should use the station’s digital platforms to promote several segments a day. But, even using a few digital platforms a day for a few segments can have a major impact. Plus, thinking about which one to use as the content is being developed will help them figure out which platform works best for them at driving listening to different kinds of segments. 

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