Best A.I. Sites For Broadcasters By Andy Meadows

Most of the questions I’ve been asked lately from radio broadcasters are A.I. related. So, I thought I’d put together a list of some of the A.I. sites I recommend testing and using. To be clear, I do NOT use A.I. to help me write my radio consulting blogs here. However, I’m sure I’m contributing to my own demise by publishing free blogs about radio that A.I. can use to spit out some consulting advice down the road. I have, however, used A.I. to help me and my staff write blogs for radio stations. We NEVER copy/paste the blog verbatim, but we do use it to flush out portions of the first draft and then edit the blog post to localize and personalize it so it fits the station we’re posting on. How much we have to edit is directly related to the strength of the prompts we feed into it and the platform itself. Audio-wise I have encouraged some of the shows I coach to use A.I. voices for bits, but it’s not ready to use as a ringer for phone topics (although it will be soon), or anywhere near ready to voice a station. Same with handling an on-air shift. I think the station in Portland Oregon has the right idea. Where it’s currently at, we should admit that it’s A.I. (This is A.I. Angie for example) rather than trying to pass it off as a real person. Plus, even when it sounds natural enough to emulate a real DJ it should only be used to cover the shifts where we don’t have live/local/interactive talent and not replace one because that’s still terrestrial radio’s big advantage over our digital competitors.

Here are some of the AI sites I currently recommend for broadcasters.


Eleven Labs There are of course many other options. But, so far I’m liking Eleven Labs voices the best for radio. The beta version offers free test voices that are downloadable and sound fairly natural if you add pronunciation in the right places. The paid version has TONS of additional voice options.


ChatGPT The one that’s gotten all the press and attention. It’s also the one putting off the most ‘Skynet’ vibes. Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a large language model-based chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November of 2022. It’s now on it’s 5th generation which is expected to have better knowledge of the world and the ability to understand audio and video.

Jasper According to their marketing, Jasper’s benefit over ChatGPT is that it’s built to create copy that feels like your brand instead of being generic.

Grammarly Writing assistant that helps with grammar and structure. If you’re like me and you tuned out or slept during the grammar portion of your creative writing classes, then Grammarly is a very helpful tool.

Writesonic AI writer powered by GPT4 to create SEO-optimized content for blogs, ads, emails, and websites 10x faster. I haven’t used it much but have heard good things.

CopyAI Can play around with it for free, to help write blogs, sales copy, digital ad copy and social media content.

Anyword Focuses on using natural language processing to generate and optimize marketing text for websites, social media, email and ads.

Frase Cranks out full-length, optimized content briefs in 6 seconds, conveniently one second shy of the average attention span nowadays! Also, helps with SEO optimization.

HelloWoofy A data science and AI based social media marketing platform for writing copy, adding hashtags and scheduling social posts. It’s being marketed to small business owners as a cheaper alternative to HootSuite.

This list grows by the day so I’ll probably either update this blog or write a new one soon. Comment below or email me at with your thoughts on these sites or any other ones you’ve used recently.

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