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What station affiliates get: 

* Customized, local turnkey new music formats (Hits, Country, Hip Hop, Rock) 
* Custom daily music log 
* Imaging voice and production 
* Weekly video content (New Music, Top 5, Things To Do, Concert Calendar, What to Watch, New to Play)
* Network prize giveaways                                                                                                                                                                                                * Daily blog posts
* Daily social content
* User generated and artist generated content                                                                                                                                                            * Custom media kits 
* Station logo and branding (We prefer affiliates use playlist FM, but they can also keep their name and use “A playlist FM station” as a secondary positioner) 

Stations pay: $2,000 monthly affiliate fee (Multi-format and multi-station discounts available)


* Opting into our revenue share program (We setup and sell integrated ad campaigns online, handle 100% of creative)
* On-air talent (For an additional fee we can fill all or some of the dayparts, tracked day of with phone/online engagement, following our strict programming strategy to deliver topical, relatable content in 30 seconds or less complete with teases and hooks)                     * We also offer digital content only partnerships, contact for pricing


We build all of our formats using our system that tracks weekly online song data and once we launch in a market we customize them based on music feedback data we collect locally in exchange for prizes we provide and supplemental prizes the stations supplies.

Hits (200 to 430 songs) Typical Hot AC format but customizable based on how quickly we want to jump on currents, how tight we decide the current rotation should be, and how deep we should go into recurrents and throwback tunes in your market.

Country (230 to 530 songs) The database can be customized to be all new country with a handful of power recurrents from the past few years or new country back to 2010, new country back to 2003, or a spectrum country station that includes a percentage of big 80’s/90’s hits. If desired we can also mix in a select amount of americana or alt country.

Hip Hop (200 to 430 songs) Urban format that's either all new with a handful of power recurrents or includes a set percentage of recurrents and throwbacks based on what we see in your market.

Rock (230 to 530 songs) Active Rock format but the database can be customized to be lean alt or mainstream rock. Additionally it can be all new rock, mainly new with a handful of power recurrents from the past few years or a spectrum rock station that goes into gold as well.

Call me at 817-600-9398 or 1-800-849-1457 or email andy@radiostationconsultant.com to find out how to become a playlist FM affiliate.

As a consultant I also provide programming for recurrent formats as well:

Classic Hits or Classic Country (600 to 1,000 songs) Spectrum classic hits or classic country formats with a core of upbeat and fun classic hit or classic country tunes along with a few popular songs people haven’t heard in a while, songs that were more popular locally and regionally (Based on music testing we’ll do locally) and a select few fan-favorite album cuts. The size of the database is customizable based on how deep we decide to go in your market and it's refreshed quarterly.