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Customized local, turnkey formats. Each format is fully jocked from 6am to midnight weekdays by major-market level on air personalities who deliver daily content that’s topical and personality driven. But, any shift can be unplugged for you to fill with local talent if necessary. We work with your existing automation system and everything from the station name to the exact makeup of the database are custom built for your specific market and situation. We provide the music logs, imaging voice and production, all the on-air talent, interactive and engaging phone and online contests and a minimum of four posts on your station website per day shared to all your social feeds. Plus, we can accommodate whatever spot load you want, everything from our minute model to whatever you’re currently doing spot-wise. To keep the cost lower for you, the on-air talent do voicetrack, but it’s day of and we still find creative ways to make it engaging and interactive on the phone and online. Our on-air personalities also follow our strict programming strategy, delivering topical, relatable and local content in thirty seconds or less complete with teases and hooks. All we need to deliver all of this is a VPN tunnel or a computer on your end with TightVNC (Or Teamviewer) and someone to feed us a few local station liners per week. 


Country (500 to 750 songs) The database can be customized to be all new country with a handful of power recurrents from the past few years or any one of the following: new country back to 2010, new country back to 2003, 80’s/90’s hits with a few big hits up to 2003, 80’s/90’s only, 90’s only, or 80’s/90’s with a few major hits from the 70’s (If it fits we can even sprinkle in some Texas/Red Dirt or popular Americana tunes). On stations playing new country we use a mix of streaming stats (Local and national), charts, mediabase and online music testing in your local market to determine new music adds. 

Classic Hits (600 to 1,000 songs) Spectrum classic hits format with a core of upbeat and fun classic hit tunes along with a few popular songs people haven’t heard in a while, songs that were more popular locally and regionally (Based on music testing we’ll do locally) and a select few fan-favorite album cuts. The size of the database is customizable based on how deep we decide to go in your market and it's refreshed quarterly. 

Hot AC (200 to 450 songs) Typical Hot AC format but customizable based on how quickly we want to jump on currents, how tight we decide the current rotation should be, and how deep we should go into recurrents and throwback tunes in your market. We use a mix of streaming stats (Local and national), charts, mediabase and online music testing in your local market to determine new music adds.

Call me at 817-600-9398 or 1-800-849-1457 or email to request a free, customized demo (One week turnaround).